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Membership Types


An Active member shall

  1. Hold a current, unrestricted medical or osteopathic license;

  2. Be a member in good standing in the community;

  3. Of sound moral and ethical nature and free of any felony conviction;

  4. Shall hold a current Board certification in gastroenterology or fulfilling the criteria for eligibility for Board certification in gastroenterology;

  5. Pay annual dues as determined by the Board;

  6. Have opportunities to serve in leadership; and

  7. Full voting privileges.



An Associate member shall

  1. Hold a current, unrestricted medical or osteopathic license;

  2. Be a Fellow or Resident in training for the gastroenterology subspecialty;

  3. Submit an application with certification by the Chief of Service

  4. Pay no dues; and

  5. Have no voting privileges.



An Affiliate member shall

  1. Be any person of good character who expresses an interest in the subspecialty of gastroenterology;

  2. Pay dues at a reduced rate of fifty (50%) percent of the current Active member rate;

  3. May not vote;

  4. May not attend Board or business meetings of the PSG; and

  5. May not hold office, but may serve on committees, but not as chair of the


An Emeritus member shall

  1. Be an Active member in good standing;

  2. Upon notification to and approval by the PSG Board, has become disabled or retired from active practice;

  3. Has been a dues-paying member for a period of at least five (5) years prior to requesting Emeritus status; and

  4. Upon Board acceptance, Emeritus members shall pay no dues but have voting privileges.

Non-Physician Clinicians (NPC)

NPC membership shall be granted to

  1. Advanced Practice Providers (APPs);

  2. Certified registered nurse practitioners (CRNPs);

  3. Physician assistants (PAs);

  4. Registered nurses (RNs);

  5. Advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs);

  6. Certified gastroenterology registered nurses (CGRNs);

  7. Licensed practical nurses (LPNs);

  8. Licensed vocational nurses (LVNs);

  9. Gastroenterology technicians (GI Techs);

  10. And other NPCs who work in the field of gastroenterology (genetic counselor, 
    nutritionist, dietitian, behavior therapist, pharmacology);

  11. NPC sponsor must be an active member in good standing with PSG;

  12. NPCs will be charge dues at the rate of one-third (1/3) of the current Active member rate) May serve as a member of committees (but not as chair); and

  13. May not vote or hold office.



An Honorary membership

  1. May be bestowed by the Board on a designated leader in the health care field or related fields;

  2. Shall not vote or hold office;

  3. Pay no dues, or be subject to any special levy or other financial responsibility of the PSG; and

  4. Honorary members shall attend meetings free of charge.


An Administrator membership shall include

  1. Practice managers;

  2. Executive office administrators

  3. Billing specialists;

  4. Applicants must be currently employed by an Active member;

  5. Will pay no dues;

  6. Have no voting privileges; and

  7. Attend PSG meetings for free.

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