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Classified Ads

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PSG is now accepting classified ads for job placement opportunities and industry advertising. Ads will be posted in Rumblings newsletter issues and the PSG website at

The Pennsylvania Society of Gastroenterology newsletter, Rumblings, is a professional society newsletter published three times per year. Its purpose is to serve as a source of news and information on issues of importance and interest to gastroenterologists in Pennsylvania. The Society accepts paid display advertisements and classified ads from individuals, companies, hospitals, and physician search companies informing Pennsylvania gastroenterologists of their job placement positions, products or services.

2024 Publication Issues

2024 Advertisement Deadlines
Please contact for more information on deadlines for advertising

Advertising Policy

Advertising will be accepted in the newsletter subject to the following guidelines:

  • Advertisements will be accepted for products or services thought to be of interest to Pennsylvania gastroenterologists and will not be accepted for products  or services thought to be in direct conflict with PSG Governing Board endorsed or sponsored programs or activities.

  • Advertising which simulates reading matter will be plainly marked “advertisement” in a typeline above or below the insertion, in accordance with postal regulations.

  • Advertisements will be run on a first-come, first-served basis as space permits.

  • Payment must be submitted with advertisement. Any outstanding payments must be brought up-to-date before any new advertising will be inserted.

  • Initial review of proposed advertising or classified ads will be made by the newsletter editor and/or the association director.

  • Questions or problems regarding proposed advertising should be directed to the newsletter editor and/or the executive director. Problems which cannot be resolved by the editor or the executive director will be referred to the PSG Governing Board whose decision will be final.

  • PSG is only responsible for providing advertising space, and is not liable for the content of advertisements appearing in the newsletter.

  • PSG reserves the right to determine the placement of all advertisements, except Special Position Ads.

  • A signed contract and full payment must be submitted with each application prior to publication.

  • An advertiser may change the copy of the ad in any issue. The ad will be repeated as in the previous issue if the publisher has not received new copy by issue deadline specified. All advertising changes require the submission of new artwork.

Any additional copy, touch up or artwork required to complete an ad will be billed to the advertiser at cost plus 10% handling charge. You may call for price quotes. 

If and when new advertising rates are announced, current advertisers will be protected at the specified cost for the period of their contract. After which, they will be subject to the prevailing rates.


Cash Discounts are not given

Questions? Please send an email to

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