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Member Benefits

​​​PSG Members: Receive Discounted Resources for Your Practice

GIQuIC is offering a discount to the Pennsylvania Society of Gastroenterology. Any Society member who signs up to participate in the GIQuIC registry will receive the following 3-year discount:

  • Year 1: 20% off of the annual license fee
  • Year 2: 18% off of the annual license fee
  • Year 3: 15% off of the annual license fee

This special arrangement is only available to members of the Pennsylvania Society of Gastroenterology. Don’t wait for regulators and insurance companies to define how you practice. Set the standard by participating in GIQuIC.

To learn more about the registry, visit Feel free to email GIQuIC with any questions at or call Laurie Parker at 301-263-9000.


Membership Benefits Include:

Annual Meeting

  • Free to members. The non-member meeting physician registration fee is $175 and $100 for physicians’ assistants and nurses. (Pending members who have a completed application on file are entitled to free registration).
  • The 2017 Annual Meeting will be held September 8-10 at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Farmington, PA.
  • The PSG Annual Scientific Meeting provides an excellent opportunity to earn CME credits.

Interaction with Other State and National Medical Societies

  • PSG is a member of the DDNC and is represented at their meetings.
  • PSG maintains a regular dialogue with the AGA, ACG and ASGE on national issues that impact Pennsylvania gastroenterologists.
  • PSG has a seat on the PA Medical Society (PAMED) Specialty Leadership Cabinet and a vote at their House of Delegates. Together, PSG and PAMED advocate for gastrointestinal issues on a state level.
  • The two PA regional governors for ACG are now members of the PSG Board and we will closely collaborate with them on matters of common interest.

Representation by GI Fellows In Training

  • Four FITs sit on the PSG Board.
  • PSG hosts a FIT poster competition at t​he annual meeting. Those who submit a poster and attend the meeting receive generous stipends.

Reimbursement and Health Care Issues

  • PSG routinely corresponds with carriers to convey gastroenterology concerns and clarify questions.
  • PSG sends a gastroenterology representative to the PA Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee.

PSG Website

  • The PSG website ( has many features that benefit our physician members and their patients. Website features include:
    • membership information - online join/renew opportunities;
    • meeting information;
    • legislative and payor relations updates;
    • fellows in training details; and
    • electronic copies of the PSG newsletter, Rumblings.

Rumblings Newsletter

  • Contains reimbursement news and updates
  • Alerts members of pending issues and problems relative to gastroenterology
  • Informs members of state and federal legislative issues effecting Pennsylvania gastroenterologists
  • Provides helpful information for GI fellows and new practitioners

Questions About PSG Membership?

Contact the PSG administrative office at (717) 558-7750 x 1584.